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Welcome to Amplified Wrath [AmP]

by Ljoey, 722 days ago


Amplified Wrath [AmP] is a hardcore GvG/WvW guild, made up of experienced players from some of the best guilds to play the game.

The atmosphere is friendly, but serious in fights, we also have a lot of players active outside of raid hours, whether public tagging or just trolling around.

The ambition of the guild is to compete at the highest level in GvG, trying to shape the meta, as well as creating a well functioning team unit.

Type of player we look for

  • Ability to record and upload is a must, this is the only way we can provide constructive feedback and see the contributions you are making
  • Capable of adapting to constructive criticism, and not taking it personally
  • Confident enough to call all the necessary things on teamspeak (low, down, need help/cleanse, immob, stun, etc)
  • Willing to play in a team game, the current meta more so than ever is about strong team work

Trial Process

  • 2 weeks raid trial, with one video upload per week
  • We will provide feedback upon the first video, and the challenge is to improve on those points for the video in week 2
  • We do not require god tier player (although that is great), but we do desire players that are willing to improve

How to apply

  • Website: - Apparently application on website can be buggy, if you're unsure it worked, feel free to mail me in game.

Any Questions

  • Whisper or mail me in game, easier character to type is 'Ljoey'

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